The Teacher's Book offers clear and easy-to-follow step-by-step suggestions on how to teach very young learners successfully.

The Teacherís Book also gives you music-sheets for the songs, plenty of ideas for games, pronunciation tips and lots more.

The Teacher Training Video gives you examples of how to teach English to very young learners Ė in Kindergarten or at private language schools.

The introduction to the Teacherís Book gives information about the structure and the concept of Hip, Hip, Hooray! 1. Itís written clearly and concisely, providing a short overview of relevant findings from cognitive psychology and research into the acquisition of language.

The Teacherís Book was written in close cooperation with classroom teachers who have years of experience in teaching English to very young children.

It offers:

  • a short overview of each teaching sequence
  • pronunciation tips
  • clear icons for quick reference
  • step-by-step suggestions on how to use the materials in class
  • lots of practical ideas
  • numerous photocopiable worksheets, suggestions on how to make glove puppets(for the four animal characters), ideas for making things, games Ö


Unit 1: Hello (PDF)


Hip, hip, hooray! 1

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